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Devoted to soft sensual tasteful photos from a woman's perspective.


      Leanne creates Seductive and Sophisticated Portrait Celebrations of you.

Turn the Key To Unlock Your Diva

It's a PERFECT GIFT  for the man who has everything. It can be showcased in a custom designed boudoir album for your wedding anniversary, Valentines day, birthday or groom's gift on your wedding day.  Perhaps you are a busy mom who wants her sexy back.  Maybe you  feel perfect about yourself now and want images for your personal keepsake. Do you want to have gorgeous images of yourself but think you are too old.?  I can tell you affirmatively that it doesn't matter if you have a belly, stretch marks or extra arm fat.  Most of my clients have these concerns when they come to me.  I will guarantee you that you will be gorgeous despite your perceived flaws.  You can trust me.  I know what I am doing.
Most women don't have super model bodies but that doesn't mean we can't have gorgeous, sexy photos. I believe every woman is a gorgeous femme fatale and cover worthy in the hands of the right photographer.  Many women have crippling insecurities about their bodies. You need to realize there is nothing wrong with being curvy or petite. We are all beautiful. This is an opportunity to empower yourself,discover your diva and have fun doing it.  I know how to highlight your assets best while disguising the parts of you that you're self conscious about. You will be transformed by accentuating the beauty that is already there.  Become your own fantasy.  Love yourself!  You are Beautiful.  You are Sexy.   You are Gorgeous!
Bring clothing that makes you feel SEXY and beautiful.....and don't forget the high heels!  Bras, panties, corsets, stockings, teddies, tank tops, boy shorts, men's shirts and sexy shoes are a few suggestions.  Wigs offer fun different looks.   You will consult with me about your wardrobe  ideas  before your shoot. You don't have to take your clothes off to be sexy.  Clothed, partially clothed and hinted nudity are all sensual.   You also don't need to invest in a ton of new lingerie for your shoot to be successful. A simple flattering black bra and panties will always work for perfectly well with most sets.  We meet and consult about your wardrobe before the shoot
 You're not expected to be a professional model. I know how to photograph you in the most flattering, glamorous way possible. I will coach you throughout the shoot. Some women like to bring photo of looks and poses with them that we can draw inspiration from.  Many are so suprised how easy it is once they actually begin the process.
Wear loose fitting clothing. 
 To be fully prepared for the shoot... We suggest you put each "look" in a shopping bag, along with the accessories, shoes etc. for that look. Use one bag per look and you'll be organized.
 Get lots of sleep the night before
 Hair and Makeup can be done by our artists for an additional fee.
Drink plenty of water.
Arrive ready to have fun!
Privacy is everyone's concern due to the intimate nature of a boudoir shoot. All images are kept confidential.  No image will be shown without written permission from the client. You are also welcome to bring a friend if it make you feel more comfortable. Your image  proofs will be secured in a password protected location for your private viewing and selection. All clients must be 18 yrs of age to be photographed boudoir style.  Proof of age will be required.

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