Shooting in New York City and Internationally, Leanne is available to help launch your career or build on an existing one.

Whether you need to boost your image, create a modeling portfolio or promote your product line, Leanne will customize her services

to meet your specific needs.


As a former performing artist in the world of dance, my goal now as a photographer is to capture the essence of

performers and help define his or her art.

I strive for the kind of collaboration between artists - performer and photographer - that results in something more than just a record of what happens on the stage, on location or in a studio.

A great headshot has to do more than make you look good.  It's one of the most important marketing tools you have to help open doors and further your career. I will help you to create a variety of good expressions showcasine your unique personality, resulting in visually compelling head shots that get you noticed and give you a competitive edge.

 Frequently Asked Questions

                                              How often should an actor renew casting/headshot photos?

Anywhere from six months to two years, but as a rule it's best to get new fresh headshots as your look changes, i.e. growing a beard, gaining or loosing weight etc. Young actors naturally go through physical changes quicker than mature actors. I once came across an actress who hadn't changed her headshot for fifteen years and only decided to have new headshots when a casting director was infuriated when she turned up for a casting looking a completely different older woman.

                                              What should I wear for my photo shoot?

solid colours with simple design are best. Loud designs with contrasting patterns are distracting as they take attention away from you. It's best to take a selection of clothes that are comfortable and perhaps have meaning to you.

                                                     How many outfits should I bring?

Generally it's better to bring more than less, I will help you choose suitable clothing for each series of headshots. You may not use them but it's better to have the choice.

                                                         Should I wear make-up?

Actors' photos need to be natural, so you need to wear the same make-up for a shoot as you would to a casting, this way you will look like your photo. This is very important since the casting director is meeting you based on your look as well as your talent. If you are going to wear make-up keep it light and simple and avoid wearing heavy foundation as it tends to cake. The same advice generally applies to singers, musicians and dancers, although depending on the purpose of headshot this may change.

                                        Should I bring photos from prior shoots?

This is always useful if you do have previous photos since you can tell me what you and your agent liked or didn't like. Perhaps your previous headshot photos didn't say everything you wanted them to say and you would like to express this in the next photo shoot.

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